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Krymskaya莫斯科河的堤防景觀設計概念 (中文翻譯於頁下方)
Location: Moscow, Russia (莫斯科)
Architects: Wowhaus Architecture Bureau


Location: Moscow, Russia 
Architects: Wowhaus Architecture Bureau 
Architect In Charge: Maria Gulida, Alena Zaytseva, Roman Kuchukov, Darya Melnik, Tatyana Polyakova, Anna Proshkuratova, Anastasia Rychkova, Tatiana Skibo, Yarmarkina; with the participation of Yuriy Belov, Anna Karneeva, Olga Lebedeva, Anastasia Maslova 
Bureau Partners: Dmitry Likin, Oleg Shapiro 
Leading Project Architect: Mikhail Kozlov 
Landscape: Anya Andreyeva-Alphabet City 
Lighting: Anna Harchenkova 
Area: 45000.0 sqm 
Photographs: Courtesy of Wowhaus, Anya Andreyeva, Lisa Gracheva, Alex MinchenkoОльга Вознесенская
The Krymskaya embankment of the Moskva river, only recently separated from the Muzeon park and the Central House of Artists, has been transformed in an urban park with a landscape park with distinct transit and sport features while preserving the artists’ exhibition zone. 02-Krymskaya-embankment-by-Wowhaus


What once was a road has turned into a lane for pedestrians and bicycles. Fountains have been set up, wave-shaped artist pavilions have replaced a chaotic exhibition area and small hills with benches scattered about have become part of the landscape park thus extending a green strip from Gorky park on the other side of the Krymsky


The central design element of the embankment is the wave: wave-shaped benches, pedestrian and cycling waves create an artificial landscape. The park zone was divided into four parts: an area in front of the bridge, an artists’ zone around a “Vernisage” pavilion, the Fountain Square and “Green Hills”. When planning each zone, the view from the other bank was also considered.


一個中轉區連接高爾基公園與Krymsky堤防已經成為一個熱門景點,並提供避雨,現在一個階段,兩個木露天劇場相繼建成。 28個人造岩石和金屬長椅從內部被照亮前進的道路.

Under the Krymsky Bridge

A transit zone connecting Gorky Park with the Krymsky embankment has become a popular spot and also provides shelter from the rain now that a stage, and two wooden amphitheatres have been built. 28 artificial rock and metal benches illuminated from the inside are scattered along the way as an amenity for pedestrians and cyclists from Muzeon to Gorky park.



Muzeon的入口是一個210米開幕酒會木有波浪形的屋頂(亭子是由阿瑟建築師設計) 。


The entrance of Muzeon is a 210 meter wooden vernissage with a wave-shaped roof (the pavilion was designed by Asse Architects).



噴泉噴射,長60米,寬14米,是為所謂的“乾”噴泉的選擇之一,當水的邊緣與鋪路水平。噴泉具有動態照明的內部系統,使各種照明模式。 49菩提樹種植了一種特殊的種植技術,在俄羅斯首次使用時,允許步行和騎自行車在這些車道,而不會造成損壞樹木。

Fountain zone

A fountain jet, 60 metres long and 14 metres wide, is one of the options of the so called ”dry” fountains when the edge of the water is level with the paving. The fountain has an internal system of dynamic lighting that allows various lighting patterns. 49 lindens were planted with a special planting technology, used in Russia for the first time, allows walking and cycling on these lanes without causing damage to the trees.




“Green Hills”

Hills designed for walking and resting were furnished mainly with steppe plants. Trees and bushes with decorative crowns like lindens, hawthorns, rowan trees and ornamental apple trees were planted on hills from where one can contemplate and admire the scenery. The artificial relief is accentuated by wave-shaped wooden benches and beach beds that are “cut” into hills between walking lanes. There is also an artificial pond in this part of the park. 08-Krymskaya-embankment-by-Wowhaus





In accordance with the bureau’s project there are three pavilions on the Krymskaya embankment, the fourth one will be completed by the end of 2013 and will replace a gas station. Pavilions will be used as cafes, stores and bike rentals. The bike rental pavilion closest to the 3rd Folutvinsky lane is equipped with a concrete roof ramp for bikes or skateboards, designed by Roman Kuchukov.





Lighting solutions

To make the park accessible and attractive for guests 24 hours a day, planning takes into account night time illumination, especially the point lighting of certain landscape elements. Ornamental lamps that are installed in groups among plants on the hills illuminate the area and create a striking visual. All the lanes are illuminated as well so that pedestrians and cyclists do not get lost.

On the Fountain Square the “dry” fountain together with the linden alley make up a lighting composition that combines the dynamic colour lighting of the fountain jets with the softer warm-white illumination of the regular rows of the linden alley. Every pavilion on the Krymskaya embankment is illuminated from the inside, making it a safe place while also serving as a lighting element of the park.

Krymskaya莫斯科河的堤防,最近才從Muzeon公園和中央眾議院藝術家獨立分離, 已經轉化為城市景觀公園.具有獨特的交通和運動特性,同時保留了藝術家的展覽區。


噴泉已經建立, 波浪形的藝人展館已經取代了混亂的展覽情況. 在Krymskaya堤鏈接到在Vorobievy 裡開始, 一個景觀公園具有獨特的交通 和運動功能替代道路,同時保留了 藝術家的展覽區.並提供大約10公里的行人和騎自行車的路線。


所有展館配備了大量玻璃,有的人甚至用結構玻璃的形狀 - (U形鋼化玻璃具有較高的承載能力)





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